Tune In Tomorrow Soaps Roundup 2009: All My

Tune in Tomorrow Soaps roundup

ALL MY CHILDREN: After Angie questioned the autopsy, the investigation into North’s murder was reopened.
Angie asked Jesse, who kept mum, if Randi is involved in North’s murder and if Jesse is protecting her (he is). Frankie also suspects that Jesse and Randi are hiding something. Jake agreed to work with Tad and Taylor, who “abandoned” baby Trevor as planned so that Opal would find the child and eventually Amanda would adopt her own son. Unfortunately, Randi found Trevor when Joe waylaid Opal. Kendall agreed to Zach’s plan to keep her hidden in a secret room until he gets proof that she didn’t kill Stuart. Zach told Liza that he plans to get close to Adam and Annie in order to prove Annie killed Stuart. When Emma asked Annie when she could stop lying to Ryan, she told the child that she could never reveal what she saw the night Stuart was killed. Scott has a thing for Marissa, who’s recovering from her bullet wound. THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Stephanie didn’t go for the idea when her old friend Dottie suggested a dueling fashion show between Jackie M and Forrester Designs. Whip, who wants to see Forrester Creations fail, and Bill, who would like to take over Forrester Creations, got both design houses to participate in the fashion challenge by making it a charity event. Bill hoped his part in the fashion show wouldn’t jeopardize his budding feelings for Katie, but Jarrett told Katie about Bill’s plans for the show and for Forrester Creations. Ridge realized the future of Forrester Creations was in his and Eric’s hands. GENERAL HOSPITAL: Dominic (Dante) had Johnny hide when Lucky caught them busting a Zacchara drug shipment. After his arrest, Dominic (Dante) told a shocked Mac and new assistant district attorney Louise that he’s an undercover agent out to bust Sonny. Olivia, who hasn’t told Dominic (Dante) that he’s Sonny’s son, urged him to return to Brooklyn and get a new assignment, then later tried to get him reassigned. Michael and Kristina ended up in Cancun after getting past the thug Jerry left to guard them. Jerry left a wounded Jason for dead after revealing he tricked Jason and Sonny into blaming Claudia for Michael’s shooting. Sam found Jason. After Dominic (Dante) rescued Morgan from Kiefer, Carly noticed a resemblance between Morgan and Dominic (Dante). To spite Mac, a defiant Maxie accepted Spinelli’s proposal. Ethan told Lucky, who told a stunned Nikolas, that Rebecca and Ethan were out to scam him. GUIDING LIGHT: Billy told Bill and Josh that he’s going to marry Vanessa, but hasn’t figured out how to ask her yet. Upset that Dinah left him right after their wedding, Shayne started to get into bar fights and then punched Mallet. Marina got Shayne to agree to get himself together for Henry’s sake. Lizzie talked about Sarah and the fact that no one knows where Jonathan is. Reva surrounded herself with photos of Jeffrey and then told Shayne that she feels Jeffrey is with her. Olivia pulled back as she and Josh were about to get romantic and then told him that she loves Natalia. Believing Coop’s book about Jenna would make a lot of money for the Cooper family, Cyrus gave the manuscript to Blake, who made a deal with a publisher for an advance payment for the Coopers. Phillip hoped spiritual healers in Mexico could help prolong his life. THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Ashley told Adam that she remembered hitting “Sabrina” with her (Victor’s) car, and he later found damage on the car. Adam convinced Ashley that she had killed “Sabrina” by ripping some cloth and putting his own blood on it and saying it came from the car. Rafe told Estella that he thinks Adam is behind everything that’s happened to Ashley (regarding Sabrina). Billy tried to convince Victor that Ashley is losing her mind and should be institutionalized after she told Billy that she “sees” Sabrina in hallucinations. Mary Jane, who is really Patty Williams, confessed her sins to Father Todd, unaware that he’s her brother. Realizing he had been talking to Patty (Mary Jane), Father Todd told Paul that their sister is in town. Mary Jane put a note in J.T.’s pocket, telling him to ask Victor about “Mary Jane.” Sharon checked into a psychiatric hospital to avoid jail time for (unintentionally) taking a ring from a jewelry store.
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