United Tamil Council Of Canada 2009: August 17

United Tamil Council of Canada

August 17, 2009 To Hon.
Maria Minna, Liberal MP for Beaches-East York Hon. John McCallum, Liberal MP for Markham-Unionville John McKay, Liberal MP for Scarborough-Guildwood Andrew Kania, Liberal MP for Brampton West Derek Lee, Liberal MP for Scarborough-Rouge River Yasmin Ratansi, Liberal MP for Don Valley East Michelle Simpson, Liberal MP for Scarborough Southwest Dear Maria, John MC, John MK, Andrew, Derek, Yasmin and Michelle: The notice of your presence at the United Tamil Council of Canada (UTCC) fundraiser in the Holiday Inn at Markham in support of Tamil children affected by the conflict in Sri Lanka reached me almost 50 days after the event. The report posted by Vijay on July 2, stated, “Over 220 invited guests attended the event…The event also had many political luminaries attending the Tamil event…â€, and your names were splashed proudly, almost in chasing lights.  But, what was stark about this report was the absence of the political luminaries from the governing Conservative Party. Not a single name. Ding, dong! My mind went into somersaults. Ummmmm! Was there a reason for this If they had been invited, why would they want to miss on the block of Tamil votes at the next federal election by not making at least a token appearance That was the million dollar question that I was grappling with. What intrigues me is that here pops up another non-profit Tamil organization in Canada. Don’t we have enough  There is the World Tamil Movement (WTM), Federation of Associations of Canadian Tamils (FACT), Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO), Canadian Tamils for Peace and Democracy,  Canadian Tamil Congress, Tamils Against Genocide, and there were several others after the Tsunami in December 2004 and some of these post-Tsunami Tamil organizations drew humanitarian-credibility by  having Tamils garbed in black robes and white collars starched to heaven, heading them. Sure, most of them were charitable to the point that they sustained the terrorist organization, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE aka Tamil Tigers) with the collected funds. Some have been documented and are on public record and some of their offices were raided by the Canadian police for their Tamil Tiger affiliations. Perhaps I am cynical, to find a group of Tamils who seem to have a tear-jerking concern about the Tamil children who have been affected by the Tamil separatist conflict now, when they did sweet bugger-all all these years when the Tamil Tigers abducted and recruited Tamil children under 14 years of age and trained them to carry RPGs and AK47s sometimes bigger than themselves to fight on the front lines making them cannon fodder. There were 6,500 of them according to UNICEF all wearing their graduating symbol of a cyanide capsule around their necks to bite at if captured by their enemy. Some children were trained to be suicide bombers. Over half of the 388 suicide bombings were conducted by these child soldiers. It certainly didn’t matter to these Canadian Tamils then when they were blown to smithereens by pushing their suicide body-pack trigger or getting mowed down by their enemy fire with bleeding bullet holed hearts, like scythed red-poppy fields in Kandahar. Not a pip-squeak demanding the Tamil Tiger leader Prabhakaran to stop recruiting children as soldiers or demanding that he let go of these child soldiers and watch them running to their parents to be hugged by the circle of their warm arms. These are the little girls who should have been cradling dolls in their arms rather than AK47s and playing hop-scotch, and the boys running between wickets playing softball cricket with their neighbours or dribble a basket ball on their driveways, like the lucky Canadian-Tamil kids who have been fortunate to have a taste of childhood playing hide and seek or rounders with baseball bats with their friends next door in the suburbs of Scarborough and Markham. Being a cynic, I refuse to hand out Kleenex tissues to the UTCC Tamils to wipe out their misplaced tears after so long of denial watching the Tamil child soldiers killed and maimed fighting for their  adults mythical Eelam in the North and East of Sri Lanka.
Maria, let me roll back the days to May 6, 2000, when you as Minister responsible for CIDA  and Paul Martin  the Finance Minister, together with several Liberal back benchers attended the $60 a plate fund raiser by the Federation Associations of Canadian Tamils (FACT)  to sustain the Tamil Tiger terrorists.  Ha! Charity, my foot! All of Canada showed their anger with the subsequent public storm of negative opinions which floored each and every one of you Liberals as if you all were caught by a hurricane of Muhammad Ali punches.

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