Valley Athletes ‘schooling39 Kids On Money Management And Economy 2009: Nfl Seth

Valley athletes ‘schooling39 kids on money management and economy

NFL great Seth Joyner and PGA golfer Andy Walker are hoping to teach high school students a thing or two about money through their
non-profit organization. Joyner says, “I don’t believe any kid should graduate from high school without some type of financial knowledge.” Walker adds, “If we can provide them with the financial literacy and the knowledge now and form a foundation for their future, we thought that was the best thing we could do.” The two athletes, along with Walker’s brother, are giving students the opportunity to learn basic money management skills through a financial literacy program at South Mountain Community College. Bruce McHenry explains, “The purpose of this program is to help these kids or students coming in learn these skills at an early age, learn why they’re important and then they can carry these skills throughout their life.” That is exactly what Joyner and Walker want all of the students to learn as they head into the real world. Walker says, “We want to make sure there are 30 more Franks next week starting the class…and we have that impact on more kids as we move forward.” Joyner admits, “The most gratifying thing for me is to see some of these kids go through some of the things they’re going through and, in spite of their environment and in spite of not having support, they’re still thriving.” To support the Joyner-Walker Foundation, a lot of celebrities plan to play in their NBA All-Star event called the Par and Poker Celebrity Challenge for charity on Friday.

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