Verdict Is In Lauding Legality 2009: Verdict Lauding

Verdict is in lauding legality

Verdict is in lauding legality To simply refer to Robert Henry as the governor’s cousin wouldn’t exactly do justice for this judiciary.
Sure, cousin Brad may be better known across the state, but Robert Henry has an impressive resume of his own.He’s currently a judge for the U.S. Court of Appeals, being appointed to the position in 1994 by President Bill Clinton. However, looking back further down the timeline, Henry also served as an Oklahoma state representative after he was elected at 23. He then served two terms as Oklahoma’s attorney general and was also the dean of Oklahoma City University’s law school.On Monday, Judge Henry spoke at Rose State College during a larger-than-normal Rotary Meeting. The reception was held in honor of “National Law Day,” and the college’s eighth annual James F. Howell “Country Lawyer” Lectureship.The purpose of the day is to recognize and honor the legal system of the U.S. and the theme of this year’s celebration was “A legacy of liberty – celebrating Lincoln’s bicentennial.”Howell introduced the speaker as the “best federal judge in the world.”Henry then took his place behind the podium and gave his arguments regarding the law and how the nation’s forefathers have established such a lasting and worthy institution.According to Henry, President Abraham Lincoln was exactly what it means to be a country lawyer. He said the president had the ability to walk into a courtroom with no knowledge regarding jurors and then properly assess the situation.Also during his presentation, Henry often referenced the speech Lincoln gave at his second inauguration, an address Henry refers to as the president’s best.At that time, the Civil War was concluding and a Northern victory was on the horizon. Instead of boasting and bragging, Lincoln took the time to rebuild. Henry stressed the importance of something Lincoln said in that address, “malice toward none and charity for all.”In his closing statements, Henry spoke of his visit to President Barack Obama’s inauguration. He said the event was the realization of President Thomas Jefferson’s declaration and President Lincoln’s correct interpretation that all men are created equal. Lance Moler/The Sun More from the Local News section

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