Volunteer In Haiti!

Medical Assistant, Nurses, General, Surgical Technician, Non-Medical Volunteer needed!


Haiti is in dire need of medical services.

We wish to welcome volunteers who want to help us to provide assistance to the needy people.

We promote voluntary service as an effective means of intercultural education, service, sharing, cooperation, relief assistance and community development.

We welcome people of all races and creeds. We provide projects where people from diverse backgrounds can work together to help overcome the need, poverty, hunger, and environmental challenges facing Haiti.

These volunteer projects are an opportunity to assist the victims of the earthquake, needy people and to participate in meaningful community service while living and interacting in an intercultural environment.

Work projects include: construction/renovation of low-income housing or community buildings, farming, health care assistance, social services working with children, the elderly, physically or mentally handicapped, homeless.

Transportation (airfare) to Haiti is arranged and paid for by the volunteer. The airport code is PAP. No visa is required to travel to Haiti if you are a US or Canadian citizen.

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