Volunteering: Charity Poker Tournament Charity Event Princeton 2009

Volunteering: Charity Poker Tournament Princeton 2009

This month we are going to spice things up in the volunteering realm of NJYP! At this fundraising event NJYP Members are going to
act as dealers, greeters, chip sellers, and more. Your task for the night will be determined once you arrive and you can even rotate through the different positions. This is a totally unique way to give your time and we are looking for a large group of 20 volunteers to help out!Bonus:Free dinner for everyone!What to wear: Details coming soon. Schedule: 4-5 Meet, greet, and training for the night5-10 Volunteer timeDeposits: Because they are relying on us we are asking that all volunteers put down a FULLY REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT of $10.10. The $10.10 will be returned to all who attend the event. Cancellations will be accepted up until noon on the day before the event. Volunteer Rewards: Everyone who volunteers will receive 1 month of Premium Membership. If you are already a Premium Member your expiration date will immediately be extended a full month. So, if you paid for a membership and it expires 10-1-09 we'll change the date to 11-1-09! About HomeFront: "HomeFronts mission is to end homelessness in Central New Jersey by harnessing the caring, resources and expertise of the community. We lessen the immediate pain of homelessness and help families become self-sufficient. We work to give our clients the skills and opportunities to ensure adequate incomes, and we work to increase the availability of adequate, affordable housing. We help homeless families advocate for themselves individually and collectively."NJYP Host: Mary Elizabeth will be hosting.Directions:Directions Online volunteers from NJYP are going to act as

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