Walk and Play L.A.

Step into a world where every stride brings smiles.

When kids battle serious illnesses, it’s like facing a giant monster that won’t go away. They deal with tough stuff that even grown-ups find hard. But here’s the thing: we need to wrap our arms around them, shower them with love, and help find cures. Every child deserves a shot at a healthy, happy childhood.

That’s where superheroes at places like Children’s Hospital LA swoop in. These amazing folks are on a mission to kick that monster to the curb. Supporting them means giving these kids a fighting chance, turning scary days into stories of courage and triumph.

As the sun paints hope in the sky, Children’s Hospital LA gears up for something incredible. They’re calling all heroes, big and small, to lace up their sneakers and join hands on May 18, 2024. Walk and Play LA isn’t just an event; it’s a celebration of unity, fun, and making miracles happen for these courageous kids.

Walk and Play L.A. is a family-friendly community event that celebrates and promotes the well-being of children in Los Angeles while raising critical funds in support of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and its mission to create hope and build healthier futures.

Give kids hope – register now for a brighter tomorrow.

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Children's Hospital Los Angeles
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