What They Said Finchem Chun Planos 2009: More Interviews

What they said Finchem Chun Planos

MORE INTERVIEWS: LAURA HILL: Commissioner Finchem, thank you for joining us today.
We’ll turn the floor over to you to make a special announcement and then open up the floor for questions when you’re ready. COMMISSIONER TIM FINCHEM: Thank you Laura. Thank you for being with us today. This is an important announcement for us. We don’t do a lot of these announcements during THE PLAYERS, but we’re particularly excited about this one. SBS has been our broadcast partner now for over 15 years, and we’re delighted with this announcement. We’ll have a quarter of a century, at least, behind us here by 2019. Our international broadcast extension also reflects our long and very good relationship with PGA TOUR. Our 15-year partnership continues to grow, as does our commitment to the future of both our organizations. We look forward to bringing you SBS Championship, a new beginning to the PGA TOUR season. Thank you. GARY PLANOS: We are very excited to host the SBS, the PGA TOUR media, for an extended period from now on. We’re very excited to continue starting off the PGA TOUR schedule at the beautiful island of Maui. And we welcome all of you to come join us in January. COMMISSIONER TIM FINCHEM: Thanks, Gary. And I’ll just conclude, before taking a couple of questions, that this announcement extends further, I think, a series of announcements we began making back a couple of months ago at Travelers and then Accenture, Zurich, Liberty Mutual, we’ll have more to come in spring. This is special for a couple of reasons one, it underpins — this announcement means there’s underpinning for the start of the season event well into the future. We wish all of our commitments were ten years, but we’ve had a long history at Kapalua, we’ve had a long history at this tournament. The players in particular are excited about being able to continue at Kapalua. So it gives us overall momentum. But we’re very pleased with the impact that it’s going to have on all our partners going forward.
In addition, I think to have a broadcast partner from Korea to make this kind of commitment is also a testimony to the quality of the PGA TOUR, the value that is recognized on a global basis, and we’re pleased about that, as well.

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