White House Correspondents Dinner Preview 2009: Mary Ann

White House Correspondents Dinner Preview

Mary Ann Akers, blogger, will be online Friday, May 8, at 1 p.m.
ET to preview the upcoming White House Correspondents Dinner, an annual event held to raise money for scholarships and honor professional recipients for journalism awards. Akers will brief on the exclusive before and after-parties, the celebrities expected to attend, featured entertainer Wanda Sykes and all the rest of the anticipated excitement only A-list celebrities can provide. ____________________ Mary Ann Akers: Hey, everybody. Mary Ann here to talk about the annual White House Correspondents’ Association dinner tomorrow, what we call Hollywood on the Potomac, or the prom. The latest news on the VIP guest list is that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin won’t be there. (She’s dealing with flooding back in her state.) Too bad, because where Sarah Palin goes, stories follow. _______________________ Washington, D.C.: Hey Sleuth — Why did Sarah Palin back out of the dinner Mary Ann Akers: She has declared a state of emergency in Alaska because of flooding. So, no photo-ops of Palin with Obama at the dinner. Sorry. _______________________
Washington, D.C. : Will Eric Cantor be in attendance at the White House Correspondence Dinner — Washington’s newest Republican D.C. Celebrity He seems to have had a tough week with his Republican Council group imploding.

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