Who Invited The Nazi The Inside Story Of Anna Wintour And The Met 2009: Copy Post

Who Invited The Nazi The Inside Story of Anna Wintour and the Met

Copy this whole post to another site “Graydon and Anna are competing for the social crown.
It’s the social-status factor that defines those magazines, and anything that gets your name and your magazine’s name in the papers is going to get the king’s attention,” Gross continues. “The party gives Anna Wintour a way to compete with Graydon Carter within Cond Nast.” Among Ms. Wintour’s bag of tricks to get the King’s attention is inviting outr and extraordinary characters to her ball. “In 2006, at the Met Ball John Lydon, a k a Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols, attended the “Anglomania”-themed bash…Leaving the party, Lydon circled the room giving a Nazi salute to museum guards while barking, “Fashion!”” Probably not the best way to get the attention of a 72 year old Jew whose father’s name was Solomon Neuhaus, is it
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