Why Housewife Ramona Shouldnt Blog 2009: Not Ramona

Why Housewife Ramona Shouldnt Blog

Not Ramona.
She converts her word vomit into a blog post, and digs herself into an even deeper hole. On “The Real Housewives of New York City” reunion episode, Ramona blogs: “All I know is I sat next to Andy Cohen, sitting opposite me was Jill, Bethenny and LuAnn and they must of been on something. Before I could even answer the questions Andy asked, darts flew from the opposite couch at me, and I still have the marks to prove it!” Find out why after the jump… Ramona has a tendency to get under her fellow housewives’ skin, but the Countess really lost her class during the scene at her American Cancer Society charity event. When host Andy asks the dueling wives to explain themselves during the reunion, Ramona lets it slip that Countess LuAnn de Lesseps and the Count’s marital problems started long before she has led the public to believe. “You were pretending everything was perfect, ‘I married my soulmate,’… and this and that and we’re like rolling our eyes, going but we know [the truth],” says Ramona.
Ramona proudly defends herself by saying she was “getting back” at LuAnn for pretending her marriage to Count de Lesseps was intact on-screen.

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