World Vision Australia 40 Hour Famine

World Vision Australia 40 Hour Famine 2007

The World Vision Australia 40 Hour Famine is a monumental fundraising affair, which has sparked off other initiatives, like the 40 litres in 40 hours drought response, and it’s on again in August.
People have been depriving themselves of a weekend of food for years to help raise money for families and children in under-resourced countries who don’t have ready access to food, and to experience and empathise with the feeling of famine.
But the 40 Hour Famine has expanded out to include so much more than that now. It has become a lesson in self deprivation and the only requirement is that you give up something of worth to yourself.
Whilepeople deprive themselves of food, electricity, furniture, friends or something a little kooky and zany,they accumulate funds for World Vision Australia by having sponsors donate money according to how successfultheir famine is.
Of course, there are other ways to get involved by becoming a World Vision Youth Ambassador or by pasting your face up in the Stir petition.
This is Australia’s chance to care about the world through sacrifice and charity sponsorship. Every $40 raised will help feed and care for eight kids for a whole month.
The World Vision Australia 40 Hour Famine is on August 17-19.

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