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One week before Earth Day, I observed the following message on a church marquee: “What if you saved the planet but lost your soul”
What twisted logic. The pastor got it wrong. Shouldn’t it be, “What if you ‘saved’ your soul but let the planet go to hell” The concept of individual salvation at the cost of the common good is wrong. It displays utter disregard for your fellow man. Is the pastor willing to sit still and allow a level of disaster that the world has never seen We should be spending our waking moments preaching the love and preservation of God’s creation. Remember St. Paul’s admonition: “If I have faith to move mountains, but have not charity, I am but as sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal.” JEWEL MOGAN/Lubbock Re: The letter “Local Demo Party leader criticized” (April 22).
I share the letter writer’s desire that the Democratic Party present its case to the people of Lubbock in a forceful way.

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