Empower Change, Break the Silence, Stop Domestic Violence

Amidst the sanctity of homes, many women endure the silent torment of domestic violence, a shadowed epidemic that must be brought into the light. The importance of addressing this issue lies in safeguarding the emotional and physical well-being of countless women, granting them the freedom to live without fear and distress, ensuring that their homes truly become sanctuaries of love and security.

YWCA Calgary is a beacon of hope for those facing the harrowing plight of domestic violence. Through its unwavering commitment, they provide shelter, support, and advocacy, helping survivors rebuild their lives with dignity and strength. Their programs empower women and children, creating a community of resilience and renewal.

Attendees at YWCA Calgary’s upcoming 12th annual YWHISPER Gala are in for a memorable evening as they welcome the esteemed Pamela Anderson. This event promises an unforgettable night of philanthropy and entertainment as it strives to raise funds to combat domestic violence and empower survivors. With an exquisite gala, silent auctions, and compelling speakers, the occasion seeks to bring positive change in the lives of those impacted by domestic abuse.


The 12th annual YWHISPER Gala is returning bigger and better than ever – March 7, 2024.

This year’s gala will attract more than 1,000 influential and engaged supporters. Proceeds raised through this important evening will support the more than 6,000 vulnerable women and families served by YW Calgary. YW is committed to supporting people in our community experiencing domestic violence, homelessness, advocating for mental health, and enabling women’s economic prosperity.

Support survivors, register for a brighter future at YWCA’s gala.

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