Zero Seven Concerts

Make Poverty History Zero Seven Concerts


Make Poverty History ison again this year in Australia, in the form of the Zero Seven Concerts, and organisers Reach and The Oaktree Foundation have teamed up to get the message outon the street.
Headlining the road trip gigs will be Missy Higgins, Evermore, Little Birdy, Dallas Crane, Blue King Brown, Antiskeptic, Borne, Bliss n Eso, Guy Sebastian, True Live, Custom Kings, Bias B, Jess Mc Avoy and Symbiosis.
Also accompanying the bands around Australia will be 500 hand-picked Make Poverty History young Ambassadors, spreading the word about the mission at the heart of the Zero Seven Concerts.
Make Poverty History has a plan, a deadline and a goal. The plan is the Millennium Development Goals, the deadline is 2015 and the goal is to raise Australia’s level of overseas aid to 0.7% of the countrys total wealth.
They have already had a massive amount of support with 92 000 Australians joining millions around the world to stand up against poverty, in the largest mobilisation of people ever recorded in the Guinness World Records. And a quarter of a million Australians watched last year’s concerts featuring U2 and Pearl Jam.
The Make Poverty History Zero Seven Concerts start from July 1, and finish with a huge finale on July 6 at the Sydney Opera House. Ticket prices start from $28.85.

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