1 Million UK Children In Poor Housing According To Charity

UK Charity reveals 1 million British children in poor housing


A UK Charity has revealed that more than a million children in Britain risk serious illness due to poor housing conditions including cramped conditions, being run-down and damp.
British housing charity Shelter said children in poor houses are more likely to suffer a range of problems, from disease and interrupted schooling to poverty in later life.
“Children who grow up in bad housing are robbed of their future chances by ill-health, educational under-achievement and devastating insecurity,” said the report’s author Lisa Harker.
Problems include:

Those living in sub-standard homes are 25 percent more likely to fall ill.

Children in overcrowded homes are 10 times more likely to contract meningitis

Children in damp houses are between one and three times more prone to coughing and wheezing.

Overcrowding has been linked to slow growth in childhood, tuberculosis and a higher risk of heart disease in later life.

Some infants have deformed skulls because they are left on their backs in prams for too long.

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