12th Annual Spring Tour 2009: Classic Chevy

12th Annual Spring Tour

Classic Chevy group brings tourists to Carthage When Dwayne Jeffries left the monthly meeting of the Carthage Public Library Board, what he saw on
the streets around Central Park brought memories of the good old days flooding back. “I saw all these cars here and said to myself those are just like the ones we came to Carthage in years ago. That was in 1947, we came to town in a 1928 Chevy coupe like this one here,” Jeffries said pointing to Christianson’s restored Chevy. “There were two boys and my mom and dad in this little bitty car down there. We drove 85 miles to get here when my dad moved from a farm at Stockton Lake to go to work in a company down here.” As Jeffries and Christianson talked about the car, Jeffries could feel the memories flooding back. “That was a fun car,” Jeffries said. “The one we had had a rumble seat in the back. We weren’t allowed to ride in it much, but I think it’s great that all these people here can come to town and see Carthage and spend some time here. I go to the many car shows we have here every chance I get.” Bill and Sheila Bradford, Katy, Texas, are the organizers of this 12th annual Spring Tour. “We are a club that likes to preserve or restore the old Chevys,” Bradford said. “We have many activities we do, including shows, charity events and many tours. This is one of our specialty tours for a group of Chevrolets called the four- and six-cylinder models. That basically includes from 1912 to 1954. We go all over the southern states on our Southern Spring Tour and this year we’re in Carthage viewing the sights in Carthage area.” Bill Bradford said another classic car group toured Carthage several years ago and bragged to him about all there was to see around here. He and he wife came to Carthage, scoped the area out and liked what they saw, so they organized this tour. The members of the club are staying at the Best Western Precious Moments Motel.
“We’re there usually in the evenings,” Bradford said. “The cars will usually be there in the evenings. We usually take off first thing in the morning. Usually by 8 a.m. we’re out of there, but we’re back usually by 4 or 5 p.m. and the people go out to dinner, but the cars are usually parked out in back of the motel and people are certainly welcome to come out and check out the cars and talk to the people. Everyone likes to talk about their cars.

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