13 Things You Want To Know About Tilda Swinton 2009: 1 Doesnrsquot

13 Things You Want To Know About Tilda Swinton

She doesn’t really drink. “I do try,” she said. “It doesn’t really work. I either go to sleep or throw up. But when I came to do all the drunk stuff [in “Julia] I was a little hesitant, until I realized I’ve actually been pretending to be drunk for most of my adult life. I’m the one with all my drunk friends who’s not really drunk, but having just as good – or possibly better a time. And then driving them home. And letting the police in. And turning the music down.” 2. She and “Julia” director Erick Zonca met when they both tried to break into a Cannes dinner with a fire extinguisher. “I met him years ago, five years ago, or maybe longer, in Cannes,” she recalled. “We were both involved in vaguely official ways in the closing night celebrations. He was on the short film jury, and I was giving a prize. And we both had, therefore, absolute reason to be at the closing night dinner. And we were both shut out for some reason. We weren’t ejected, we just never got in&hellip So we became really quite involved in this whole drama of trying to get in. It involved a fire extinguisher at one point, trying to get through a window. It was ridiculous. I – of course – was not drunk. He definitely was. I remember hearing much later through a mutual friend, ‘Erick Zonca is developing a film for you.’ And I thought, ‘well that is insane, because the guy doesn’t know me, and was drunk.’” 3. John Cameron Mitchell’s aunt lives in Tilda’s hometown, Nairn, in the far north of Scotland “I saw her last Friday,” she said to Mitchell after blowing him a kiss to give to his aunt the next time he saw her. 4. She has her own film festival in said town (alright, you probably knew this, but her explanations of it are endlessly amusing).
“There is no cinema other than a multiplex,” she explained. “It’s half an hour away and it shows ‘Harry Potter’ pretty endlessly. There is a high street with all sorts of little shops closing down all the time, or being turned into charity shops. I was walking down the street one day and I saw the old Bingo Hall was up for rent. And for some insane reason I decided what I had to do that afternoon was to rent it.”

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