2023 Nike Melbourne Marathon

Run, rally, and make a difference – your strides can change lives in 2023!

Supporting military personnel is crucial in recognizing their sacrifices and dedication. From the demanding rigors of service to the challenges faced on and off the field, these individuals and their families require our unwavering assistance. Whether it’s offering emotional encouragement, facilitating access to essential resources, or fostering a sense of community, lending support is a tangible way to express gratitude for their commitment. By providing a helping hand, we not only acknowledge their sacrifices but also contribute to their well-being and success. It’s a collective effort that showcases our appreciation for those who safeguard our freedoms.

One organization that exemplifies this commitment to supporting military personnel is Bravery Trust. With a mission to provide financial aid and essential services to veterans and their families, Bravery Trust stands as a beacon of assistance for those who have dedicated their lives to protecting our nation.

To amplify their impact, Bravery Trust is harnessing the spirit of unity and endurance. They are eagerly gearing up to participate in the upcoming 2023 Nike Melbourne Marathon, not only as a platform to raise vital funds but also to symbolize the resilience and strength that mirror the values of the military community they passionately support.

Bravery Trust is an official charity partner of the Melbourne Marathon Festival.

You can support Bravery Trust while running, wheeling or walking your way through the streets of Melbourne – simply nominate Bravery Trust as your chosen charity from the drop down box upon registration.


Or better still – make the Melbourne Marathon a part of your Bravery Trek!


Join Bravery Trust, run for veterans’ support. Sign up now for the 2023 Nike Melbourne Marathon!

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