A Race To The Finnish Line In Painted Motor 2009: Some Boys

A race to the Finnish line in painted motor

SOME boys walked by, talking swaggering nonsense as teenage boys are wont to do.
But when they asked if they could help spray paint the teacher’s car, the girls weren’t having any of it. Covering Sir’s car in spray paint was something the girls had planned, and they weren’t going to let anybody else in on it. Granted, the event in the parking lot of Djanogly City Academy’s Sherwood Rise campus was no end-of-term act of vandalism. Science teacher Chris Stapleton had requested that several of his more artistically-minded students slather his newly purchased Rover 620 SLI in spray painted images of, erm, the Super Mario Brothers. To understand why, it’s best to acquaint yourself with the week-long Dumball Rally. The Dumball (and yes, that’s with a “D”) is winding its way from England to Helsinki. Chris and partner Sandip Virdi rolled out at the weekend along with more than 100 other participants, all in cars that, per rally rules, could cost them no more than

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