AANM’S Charity Gala 2023

Gala of Gratitude: Supporting Veterans with Style

Military veterans, having selflessly served their countries, often face unique challenges upon their return to civilian life. Physical and mental injuries, difficulty transitioning to new careers, and inadequate access to healthcare and support services are among the burdens they may endure. It is imperative to recognize the sacrifices made by these brave individuals and to prioritize their well-being. By offering assistance, including comprehensive healthcare, mental health support, employment opportunities, and community integration programs, we can honor their service and help them rebuild their lives. Supporting military veterans is not only a moral obligation but also a way to ensure their successful reintegration and overall societal well-being.

In the mission to support military veterans and facilitate their successful reintegration, numerous charitable organizations play a crucial role. One such impactful organization is Veterans Integration Centers, a dedicated charity that provides a wide range of services, including housing assistance, mental health counseling, job training, and community engagement programs, all aimed at empowering and improving the lives of veterans as they transition back into civilian life.

The Apartment Association of New Mexico, committed to making a positive difference in the lives of veterans, is excited to announce their upcoming 2023 Charity Gala in support of Veterans Integration Centers. This special occasion will bring together the community, housing professionals, and veterans to raise funds and awareness for the invaluable services provided by Veterans Integration Centers. Join us as we come together to honor and support our veterans, ensuring they receive the vital resources and support they need for a successful transition and a brighter future.

Every year, the AANM Charity Gala is your way to give back to the local community. This year is no different, as our 2023 Charity Gala will benefit local charities. This year’s Charity Gala will be on Friday, November 10th, 2023, at Embassy Suites. Of course, we will have our customary silent and live auctions. Proceeds benefit local charities, including Veterans Integration Centers.

Make a difference for our heroes. Register now for the 2023 Charity Gala and support local charities including Veterans Integration Centers.

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Apartment Association of New Mexico
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