Adult Prom

Help people struggling with food insecurity.

Though many people aren’t aware of the people going hungry around them, every community has people who struggle to afford food. On a daily basis, many families have to go without meals or sacrifice other necessities in order to eat. Parents go without food just to make sure their children can eat, and even then, it sometimes isn’t enough. When people are going hungry, escaping poverty becomes even more difficult, as a lack of food can cause them to struggle to get through school or get a job. This traps people in a cycle that will only break with outside assistance.

Project Feed The Kids is one organization providing this assistance. Their Adult Prom will allow them to continue to help more people struggling to afford food.

Enjoy the nostalgia of your youthful days by attending our adult prom! This year’s theme is: masquerade. Channel your inner opera populaire and come dressed to impress. In addition to great food and music, there will be raffle prizes.  A Prom king and Queen will be chosen. 18+ for this event.

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Project Feed The Kids
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