Adventure Park Family Day

Join the adventure where every step paints a smile.

Imagine kids facing life-limiting conditions—it’s like climbing mountains every day. They tackle challenges that would make grown-ups sweat. But here’s the deal: we’ve got to stand tall beside them, wrap them in love, and support those finding cures. Every child deserves a chance at joy, no matter the hurdles.

Enter the heroes at Very Special Kids, swooping in to make those mountains a little easier to climb. These extraordinary folks are on a mission to turn tough days into tales of resilience and joy. Supporting them means giving these kids the love and care they need to conquer their unique peaks.

As the sun paints hope in the sky, Very Special Kids gears up for an unforgettable adventure. They’re inviting families to join hands on Feb 04, 2024, for a day of laughter, joy, and making precious memories. Adventure Park Family Day promises a heartwarming escape, uniting communities in support of these incredible kids.

04 February 2024
Adventure Park family day
NOTE – this is a private event for children and families supported by Very Special Kids.

Join us at our regional family fun day at Adventure Park!

Adventure Park family day is a great day out for families in the Barwon, Western District and Central Highlands regions. Enjoy the water slides and activities while meeting other children and families supported by Very Special Kids.

Please RSVP by Friday 19 January here.

For more information please contact Tracey on [email protected] or Catherine on [email protected].

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Very Special Kids
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