Alisa Camplin Is Hot Australian Skier 2009: Meet Alisa

Alisa Camplin Is Hot Australian Skier

Meet Alisa Camplin.
She is a hot retired aeril skier. Read Alisa Camplin’s biography below and see video and photos after the jump. Alisa Camplin is an Australian aeril skier is a bronze medalist. Find out more on Australia’s first female Winter Olympic gold medalist after the jump. As a biography Alisa Camplin was born on November 10, 1974 in Melbourne, Victoria. Camplin is an Australian aerial skier who intially competed as a gymnast. She is a graduate from Methodist Ladies’ College as well as the Swinburne University of Technology before taking up aerial skiing. Camplin began training with coach Todd Ossian at a pond in Wandin. In 2002 she competed at the Winter Olympics injured with two fractured ankles. She won after performing a “pair of triple-twisting, double backflip jumps.” After her win the Australia post honored her with an Alisa Camplin stamp. In 2005 Camplin again competed injured at the World Cup event in Lake Placid. Landing in fourth place the aeril skier underwent knee reconstruction just 11 weeks before the event.
In 2006 Alisa Camplin retired from skiing and is currently an international ambassador for IBM, a motivational speaker and does charity work.

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