All Aboard For Dragon Boat Action! 2009: File Simon

All aboard for dragon boat action!

File picture by Simon Dolby Get set to breathe fire on the water – as an annual dragon boat race gets under way.
The dragon boat race is being planned by the KM Charity Team to help charitable groups with their fund-raising. Alternatively school PTA groups, sports clubs, charities and businesses can raise funds for their own chosen charity. In future years the annual event will take place on the first Sunday in July but for 2009 it will take place on Sunday, October 4. The event will take place at Chatham Maritime. Teams of 17 will compete with one of the crew beating a drum to dictate the pace of the paddles. Teams will compete in a minimum of three races but the fastest teams will compete in the finals at the end of the day.
It is a challenge for those who wish to savour the ancient traditions of the dragon boat, as much as for those who want to test their strength and rowing technique by travelling across the 250m course in the fastest time. It is also a day for spectators as well as for people taking part.

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