Area Asset Weekend On March 1314 2009: Lincolnway Areas

Area Asset Weekend on March 1314

One of the Lincoln-Way area’s largest series of events will take place March 13 and 14.
It is the Annual Asset Building Weekend that identifies various character-building traits that are so necessary for the youth of today to succeed in this challenging world. Assets are positive building blocks that young people need to grow up to be healthy, principled and caring adults. The more assets young people have, the more likely they are to engage in positive behaviors, such as volunteering or doing well in school. The program started in 1995 and has grown throughout the Lincoln-Way area. The committee that brings about the weekend is composed of school representatives, churches, park districts, business chambers and other civic organizations. “The event also focuses on the importance of our youth learning to give back,” said Lauren Lotz, spokesman for the New Lenox Park District. “Prior to this event, most Lincoln-Way area schools and other organizations take part in an annual toy drive that benefits the Pediatric Oncology Foundation.”
Lotz said in the past, thousands of toys have been donated, making the asset program one of the largest charity contributors in the area.

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