Arnold Feted With Citizen Of Year Honor 2009: Ad Angela

Arnold Feted With Citizen Of Year Honor

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Arnold, one of the region's most eager volunteers, accepted honors Tuesday night from the Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Connecticut as the 59th Annual Citizen of the Year. Created in 1949, the award is presented once a year to honor an individual for outstanding contributions to the civic and business community. Keith Fontaine, vice-president of corporate communications at The William W. Backus Hospital and chairman of the Chamber board of directors, told the crowd assembled at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods' Premier Ballroom that Arnold's tireless devotion to southeastern Connecticut is guided by “good will and enthusiasm.”
”Angela Vetelino Arnold is a familiar face to all of us, largely because of her countless hours of volunteer work with a number of organizations,” said Fontaine. “ If there is a fundraiser or charity event, it's almost guaranteed we will see Angela there with her husband, Mike, by her side and a smile on her face.”

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