Aussies Charity Knit Guiness Records

Aussies Knit Their Way Into Guiness World Records For Charity

A group of fundraising Aussies took up their needles and broke a Guiness World Record on Monday for the most people knitting simultaneously.
Sydney was host to 256 men, women, teenagers and grandparents from around the country who gathered in Martin Place for the event, rationed out the pink wool and showed what it really means to be closely-knit. Guinness World Records Australian representative Chris Sheedy explained they need over 250 people to be together in the one place and they had to be knitting for 15 minutes non stop.
The results of their labours will be donated to The Prince of Wales Hospital along with $5,000 from the New Idea Breast Cancer Fund charity, and their new Aussie record will appear in the 2010 edition of the Guiness World Book of Records.

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