Australia Extends Support To Typhoon Glenda Victims In Philippines

Australia Extends Support to Typhoon Glenda Victims

Typhoon Glenda (Rammasun)attacked and left Philippines, which caused extensive damage in the regions of Bicol and Southern Luzon, the Australian Government announced today that it will provide up to Php10 million (A$250,000) to immediately assist those affected by the typhoon.

Ambassador Tweddellsaid, “The assistance includes family survival kits containing sleeping mats, blankets, mosquito nets and emergency shelters delivered to over 1,400 families in Albay and Camarines Sur through thePhilippines Red Cross. ThroughUNFPA, health and dignity kits will also be distributed for 2,000 women in the Bicol region.

Australiais one of thePhilippines’ largest partners in disaster response and management. Since 2006, it has contributed P4 billion (A$108.12 million) humanitarian assistance in response to several calamities. For Typhoon Yolanda alone, Australia provided P3.1 billion (A$77.3 million) for response and recovery needs.

To extend support through UNFPA pleasefollow this link

To extend support throughPhilippines Red Cross pleasefollow this link

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