Australian Kayakers Set To Paddle From Sydney To Auckland

Two young Australian Kayakers plan to paddle from Sydney to Auckland – and will raise money for Charity

James Castrission, 24, and Justin Jones, 23, will begin their 2,200 kilometre (1,370 mile) mega journey later this month paddling from Sydney to Auckland in a custom built nine-metre (29.7-foot) kayak which is specially designed to handle the dangerous Tasman Sea.

“We’ve done a lot of risk assessment work and worked out ways to deal with every conceivable problem we might encounter — sharks, rough weather, container ships,” Castrission told AFP.
“The weather is potentially the biggest problem, the Tasman’s notorious around the world for its big seas so we’ve made sure we’re prepared for that.”

If successful it will be the first kayak crossing in history and it will take an estimated 45 to 55 days of paddling.
The kayak will include a satillite tracking device which will keep them on the radars of large ships which will stop them from being run over.
They guys aim to raise 200,000 dollars (158,000 US) for Sydney’s Royal Children’s Hospital.
You can check there progress at the Official Crossing the Ditch Website.

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