Bachmann Part Of Exhibition At Landings RC 2009: Joe Bachmann

Bachmann part of exhibition at Landings RC

Joe Bachmann tells the story about an announcer introducing Rod Laver and Roy Emerson as the “former” tennis greats were preparing to play an
exhibition match during a charity event. “The announcer kept saying, former this and former that,” Bachmann says. “Roy Emerson finally said, “Formerly, this would be a pretty good match.'” Bachmann, who has a long list of accomplishments throughout a lengthy tennis career, is part of a pretty good exhibition match that will take place March 1 at the Landings Racquet Club, an event involving four former champions who continue to rack up titles. “It is one of these former things, but we are still hacking away,” Bachmann says about the Spring Classic Invitational. Bachmann, who was born in Hungary and has been one of the top players in his age division the past couple decades, will team with King Van Nostrand, one of the top senior players of all time, in an exhibition match against Hugh Thompson and Lorne Main of Sarasota. Van Nostrand, originally from New York, has been a force in tennis his entire life, and a “former” world champion. He is currently ranked No. 3 in the 75-over division.
Thompson, born in Australia, has also been a world champion and is now ranked No. 4 in the 60-over division.

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