Bangkok Post Wanchai And Orasa Boonsri Preyamon And Patpong 2009: Photipong Yupa

Bangkok Post Wanchai and Orasa Boonsri Preyamon and Patpong

Photipong and Yupa Lamsam.
From left, Peruvian Ambassador Carlos Velasco Mendiola, Philippine Ambassador Antonio Rodriguez and Janet, Maria da Piedade de Faria e Maya, Khunying Finola, Simona Trajan de Velasco, Madeleine Cranfill, Marisa Baratelli, Walker Young, Brigitta Backstrom and Dr Kris Chatamra. CHARITY FROM THE HEART Breast cancer charity event gets an injection of amour from Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day was a wonderful day to host the charity fund-raising gala dinner and dance titled ”An Affair to Remember” for the Queen Sirikit Centre for Breast Cancer. As usual, Four Seasons Bangkok did an impeccable job with the ballroom decor, which took on a pink hue to coincide with Valentine’s Day and the breast cancer awareness campaign. Each pink-covered table had a centrepiece featuring a green and pink globe hoisted high enough above the table so as not to obstruct the view and conversation, while small pink roses covered the table centre. Feather boas in pink and white were draped over alternate seats for the ladies to add to the glamour. Khunying Finola Chatamra cajoled the guests into digging deep into their pockets for a good cause _ to help needy women get treatment for breast cancer, the second most common cancer among women in Thailand after cervical cancer. The auction raised a total of 410,000 baht for the Queen Sirikit Centre for Breast Cancer. Harnyut Sorakaikitikul went home with the diamond earrings for 150,000 baht, paying more than the retail price, but absolutely satisfied.
Kirit Shah took home the Mont Blanc pen, while Hataithep Devakul won both the Burberry bag and the Kai dress. Yupa Lamsam took home the lithographs by Elizabeth Romhild, while her table also won the Olivier bracelet and Hermes handbag

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