Thai Protest Leader Blames Assassination Bid On Military Roundup 2009: Bangkok Leader

Thai protest leader blames assassination bid on military Roundup

Bangkok – A leader of last year’s political protests on Sunday blamed ‘military men’ for an assassination attempt on his life last month.
‘The men who shot at me and the masterminds behind the attack were some military men,’ Sondhi Limthngkul a told a press conference. Sondhi, who survived the attack of 100 bullets on his car on April 17 with only minor injuries, initially planned a ‘tell-all’ press conference on who was behind the assassination attempt on Friday but postponed the event until Sunday. As bullet casings with Royal Thai Army engravings were found at the scene of the shooting, the attack has been linked to the military for weeks. In previous interviews, Sondhi said a ‘certain lady close to the palace was one party among many who ‘chipped in’ to have him killed,’ the Bangkok Post reported.
But on Saturday Thanpuying Viriya Chavakul, a lady-in-wating to Queen Sirikit, told INN television that she had no knowledge of a plot to kill Sondhi on April 17.

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