Bank Staff Digs Deep For Charity 2009: System Shows

Bank staff digs deep for charity

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Our website is designed to support all browsers, but users with older versions may encounter problems. For an optimal web experience, please consider upgrading your browser. Staff Writer That’s why the district vice-president for BMO Bank of Montreal wasn’t surprised when the 400 employees under his watch proved to be the most generous of the bank’s entire staff across the country. Eighty-three per cent of BMO people in Manitoba and northwestern Ontario opened up their wallets, MacAulay said. “We’re over the BMO average by 30 or 40 per cent,” he said. “I think it’s natural because Manitobans give back. Our staff and our employees reflect the community in which they work.” Representatives from 25 charities were on hand recently at the bank’s Main Street branch to receive donations. They ranged from $380 for the Winnipeg Rescue Shelter to $7,500 for the Red Cross. In total, $52,000 was doled out according to the employees’ wishes and there’s more to come.
MacAulay said another $100,000 still needs to be presented to dozens more charities.

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