Bendigo Digital Story Exhibition

Stories of young people in nursing homes.


Today many hundreds of young people find themselves being cared for in nursing homes surrounded by people in their 80s.

The Summer Foundationthis month, that will work until the 29th of March, works to get them out of nursing homes and into their own homes.

This exhibition allows you to hear their stories and learn how they have overcome their struggles to find hope.

A sister shares her anguish at seeing her brother living in a nursing home following a motorcycle accident that left him with a brain injury. A woman tells how scary it was as a 6 year-old to visit her mother in a nursing home. A young Mum talks of how she had a stroke when her daughter was three months old and how she could no longer care for her.

These are very personal stories, and each participant has directed their own content and chosen their own photos and music. They are touching and inspiring, and reveal a part of our society that is usually hidden away.

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