Blind Model Fashion Show India

Blind Model’s in India have provided a fashion show to promote disability awareness


Blind Model’s in Ahmedabad, India have paraded down the catwalk in an effort to combat prejudice against people with disabilities.
22 million disabled people in India often face discrimination.
“I cannot see how I am looking in the new clothes but I am having a good time,” said 23-year-old participant, Ekta.
“I would hear about fashion shows and designer clothes on the television, but never dreamt of walking like models do,” she said, as she draped a sequined, green sari over her shoulder.

The women were given a week long course in personal presentation and grooming.
“Blind people are not considered as a part of society they are given boring and menial jobs to isolate them from the glamorous and exciting world,” said Mukta Dagli from Pragya Chakshu Sanstha, a local charity for the visually impaired.
“We want to bring the blind out of a dull, dark life. Now let the world see them.”

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