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Boston Globe We Hardly Knew Ye

TrackBack URL for this entry: I’ll repost from down below, with a slight edit: Does anyone think that the only papers really going
down are the ones that have a national focus Hear me out and help me out (I’m just speculating here, mostly). Many of the papers tanking—NY TImes, Chicago Trib., etc.—are large papers that have long brought large national news home to their constituency. Now that the interwebs (and national cable news and network news) has caught on with you younguns’, that is unnecessary. However, papers that focus on local issues–issues that don’t make national headlines—seem to be ok. I never hear stories about tabloids like the NY Post or Boston Herald on the brink—papers that proudly focus on the trashy but local scandals. And let’s not forget the AM papers you see on the subway. Or, more importantly, your local hometown paper. Ad revenues are down all around (thanks Craigslist and ebay), that is very true, so I don’t think this is black and white. But I know my local paper is fine, and the aforementioned tabloids aren’t bleeding, to my knowledge. It would seem the only papers disintegrating are ones who tried for Pulitzer-like power.
My local paper has an absolutely horrendous website—3 articles total posted there, that’s it. And other small town papers have the same. But that seems to bolster them—the only way I can find out about local goings on is to buy the paper—I need to find out if the H.S. team won last night, or what the mayor said at the local charity event. But the NYTimes blacking out the Tea Parties Heck, I can get around that with Google.

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