Brad Amp Taylor Are Tvs Most Divine Duo 2009: Chatted Breakout

Brad amp Taylor Are tvs Most Divine Duo

I chatted with the breakout stars about whether or not they feel misrepresented by the returning series, what their biggest fashion faux pas were
and if their cease fire will stick! PopWrap: Taylor, you never seemed thrilled to be on camera — how do you feel now Taylor Jacobson: I wasn’t the biggest fan, and I’m still really not. But I support Rachel and the show gives her more exposure to use as a platform to launch her products and that’s where I see myself in the future. Brad Goreski: I liked the filming. It was a fun experience and they began filming eight days after I started, so it’s like a little video diary of my entry into the world of celebrity styling! PW: A diary that you may not want to watch… Brad: That’s right. But I could watch the Oscar de le Renta part, the Diane von Furstenberg part and maybe the scene where Taylor and I spoon. PW: And now, how’s the relationship Brad: It started getting good after the first season finished filming. Taylor: We’ll still right, we’ll always fight no matter what Brad: But I won’t be crying … actually, don’t hold me to that — I love tears! PW: What do you consider your biggest fashion faux pas Brad: Oh my god, there are so many! Let’s see … in third grade I used to wear sweatpants, zipper on the side, neon inserts with a comic book scarf tied around my waist, Madonna concert T-shirt and gymnastic slippers. Taylor: That’s so cute! Brad: Then four years ago when Tom Ford was doing the Western collection for Gucci, I wore suede D&G cowboy boots, Gucci jeans, double G Gucci belt buckle, white shirt with a scarf knotted around my neck. [laughs]. Taylor: That is a look. Brad: It was really bad. I still reference it to people, like, can you believe I wore this! PW: Well, you do get to try on a lot of gowns — has that lost the mystique or do you still like to wear them Taylor: No, I don’t. It’s like, “Ugh, another dress” Brad: Lying! We spend so much time cramming her in to samples, she’s lying! Taylor: No! I don’t like trying them on! PW: Is that why you two clashed at first Brad: No, she just thought I was dumb as a stump. Let’s be honest — she thought I had no brain.
PW: And with you two, friends forever Brad: I think instead of fighting, the audience can look forward to shenanigans instead of us screaming. Taylor: There might still be screaming [laughs].

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