Breakthrough Art Festival

Hundreds of artworks inspired by HOPE going towards Cancer Council NSW

An initiative of Cancer Council NSW, the inaugural Breakthrough Art Festival pitches the beauty of art against a brutal and unexpected foe, cancer. To be staged between the 12th and 15th May in Chippendales capacious, award winning aMBUSH gallery, itself housed within the landmark Central Park Mall, the festival will showcase the creativity of some of Sydneys most established, emerging and student artists.

Handed a blank canvas and issued with the sole instruction that their work be representative of hope, an action embodied by the Daffodil that dominates the charitys iconic logo, hundreds of works have been created for the four day exhibition. Made from the bodies of pastels, watercolours, jars of oil and the lenses of cameras, each creation is as personal as it unexpected and will be available for purchase during the festivals duration for the sum of $150.

Art devotees, bargain hunters and those simply passionate about the work of Cancer Council NSW, can secure their free ticket to the grand opening night by clicking on the link below:

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