Bright Sparks Dash For Kids 2009: Racing Auckland

Bright Sparks dash for kids

RACING from Auckland to Queenstown with little more than $10 in your pocket is a challenge that would daunt the lightest and most economical
traveller. However, two Bright Sparks are unfazed by the possible calamities that await them and are instead focusing on raising as much hard cash as possible for Cure Kids. When the sun comes up on September 30, Ben and his daughter Sam Brown will start the journey of their lives – the Novotel $10 Queenstown Challenge. Mr Brown says they will be charging off from Ellerslie’s Novotel hotel to a mystery destination, which will be the first stop on their fundraising expedition across the country. They will complete a challenge there before begging a ride to the next stop. Mr Brown entered the event three years ago with his brother, but it will be Sam’s first time on the road with her father. “It’s a lot of fun and a very good cause,” he says.
The Browns, of Whitford, will be hitching rides with whoever picks them up, whether it’s the local police force or an obliging truckie.

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