Gumboot Friday 2024

Step into empathy: Gumboot Friday awaits you!

Stepping into the shoes of empathy, charity events take participants on a unique journey by challenging them to experience the hurdles faced by others. These events go beyond traditional fundraising by immersing participants in scenarios that mirror the daily struggles of those in need. Whether it’s a poverty simulation or a hunger challenge, the aim is to foster understanding, compassion, and a deeper connection between participants and the communities they are supporting, creating a powerful bridge between privilege and empathy.

An exemplary embodiment of this empathetic approach is Gumboot Friday, a charity event that transcends the conventional fundraising model. By inviting participants to step into the mental health challenges faced by many, Gumboot Friday creatively raises awareness and funds. Through activities that mirror the emotional struggles individuals with mental health issues endure, this event provides a poignant experience that resonates long after the gumboots are hung up.

Walk in Their Shoes for one day


Dealing with depression and mental health challenges is like walking through mud every day. During our national campaigns, we ask you to show your support, put your gumboots on, give a gold coin, and take a walk in their shoes for just one day. Our next Gumboot Friday fundraising day is on November 1st 2024.

Secure your spot and step into empathy’s journey!

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