Browne Win Would Be Yankee Doodle Dandy 2009: Dan Browne

Browne win would be Yankee doodle dandy

Dan Browne Staples of the American lifestyle: debt, football, cheeseburgers, rock ‘n’ roll.
But at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon, Americans have been kicked curbside, strumming one-string guitars. In the race’s previous 11 years, dominated by Kenyans, only one American man has placed in the top 10. Christian High product Josh Cox finished ninth in 1999. Tomorrow morning, Dan Browne hopes to rewrite history. Born and raised in Oregon, a West Point graduate, 2004 Olympian and Chula Vista resident since December, Browne plans to race up front. “Let’s put it this way,†he said. “I’m not entering to finish eighth. I’m going for the win.†While Browne has lived here less than six months, he has trained in San Diego County often and his attitude is one of a man defending his turf.
“For all intents and purposes, this is my hometown,†he said. “They’re coming to my house. You just don’t come into someone’s house and take what they’ve got.â€

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