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Cal BBaller Jamal Boykin Showcases Barack Obama Art I

Navigation: Jump to content areas: On May 9, 2009, Cal basketball player Jamal Boykin showcased his Barack Obama art at the right across the
street from campus. Boykin’s art was entirely of the President and his family. Although some pieces were his work alone, most were combined with a magazine cover or photo. Look at this piece for an example: He took the magazine photo, tore out a portion of it and then recreated that portion. An interesting meld of his work with other parties work. I asked him about that later and he had some interesting answers. When I got there (at about 6 PM), the place was buzzing. It would get a lot more packed later in the evening, but there was still a goodly amount of people there. I was interested in maybe seeing some Cal b-ball players besides Patrick Christopher and Jamal Boykin. So, imagine my surprise when I nearly walked RIGHT into Jerome Randle as soon as I walked in the door. He was just standing right by the door:
Some players, as I’ll later make very clear, stand out in a crowd. Jerome Randle is not one of those players. Maybe its better for him that way, fewer people like me harassing him for photos etc etc etc.

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