Charity Money Stolen

School charity money stolen


One thousand dollars of money raised for charity, by dedicated school kids was recently stolen.
On a school weeknight, thieves broke into the principals office at St. John the Baptist School in St. Louis, Missouri, a Catholic Elementary School with students ranging from pre-school through to eighth grade.
The crooks made off with over a thousand dollars of charity money, whilst also crushing the eager spirits of the students who had worked hard in raising the funds.
However, in a small turn of fate, the day after the robbery, Liam Stacey, a seventh grader who had been soul struck by the school’s misfortune dipped into his own pocket money and donated a little more than four hundred dollars of cash.
Then, inspired by Liam’s heroic efforts, the next day, his younger brother Myles, a fourth grader, brought in his piggy bank and gave the whole lot to the school.
The two had earned and saved a lot of money doing domestic chores and odd jobs around the neighborhood.
They couldn’t replace all of the charity money that was stolen from the school, but the two little guys gave something back that was more important, the reminder that there are heroes out there, even ones that are probably too young to understand the significance of self sacrifice.

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