Charity Organisations Flooded With Goods 2009: Posted February

Charity organisations flooded with goods

Posted on February 18, 2009, 8:08am , 4 views Volunteers and storage facilities are being stretched to the limit as Mount Gambier’s generosity has
led to charity organisations being flooded with donations in the wake of Victoria’s devastating bushfires. A meeting at the civic centre yesterday afternoon to coordinate the relief effort prompted groups to work together to ensure contributions are targeted at effectively helping meet needs in fire affected areas. People at the meeting said they were concerned charitable organisations were being swamped with mountains of clothing and other goods, leaving volunteers working long days to sort through items. Fears were raised high volumes of donations may create logistical problems due to expectations household goods would be distributed to places where people had lost their homes and faced more pressing needs. Mount Gambier mayor Steve Perryman told the meeting he and Grant District Council mayor Don Pegler had met local representatives of the Australian Red Cross, Salvation Army and St Vincent De Paul Society before yesterday’s forum. “We realise already there has been a lot of activity over the past couple of weeks and as things continue to happen coordination will be difficult,” Mr Perryman said, explaining the need to support bushfire ravaged areas would be ongoing.
Lions Club of Mount Gambier president Steve Bell said his club had already donated $3000 to the bushfire appeal and was now looking to the next phase of how members could assist.

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