Charity Pair Tour Town On Hoppers 2009: Men Dressed

Charity pair tour town on hoppers

Two men have dressed in drag to bounce around their town on spacehoppers in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care.
Glen Tonkin, 33, who lost his father to cancer, and David Campbell, 23, have posted their antics around Newtonmore on video-sharing site YouTube. They hope the video promoting a weekend of fundraising will get more views than the 47m views achieved by surprise singing sensation Susan Boyle. In June, the pair will take part in the charity’s Canadian Rockies Cycle ride. Businessman Mr Tonkin’s father Ian died of pancreatic cancer four years ago, while 23-year-old stonemason Mr Campbell’s grandfather and one of his uncles have been diagnosed with the disease. Over 9 and 10 May, a walk, race night and golf event will be held in Newtonmore in the Highlands to raise money for Marie Curie Cancer Care. Mr Tonkin said the spacehopper video was shot in an effort to generate interest in the weekend.
He added: “One of our ambitions is to get more hits than Susan Boyle.”

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