Chiltern 50

Empower, Educate, End Encephalitis: Together, We Can Make a Difference

Encephalitis, a rare but devastating inflammation of the brain, can strike suddenly and without warning. This condition often leaves those affected with severe neurological impairments, posing a tremendous burden on individuals and their families. It is imperative to increase awareness, support research, and provide compassionate care to improve the lives of encephalitis survivors, fostering hope and recovery in the face of this challenging condition.

The Encephalitis Society stands at the forefront of addressing this condition, providing vital resources, support, and information to those affected by encephalitis and their caregivers. Through extensive research, awareness campaigns, and community initiatives, they work tirelessly to further our understanding of encephalitis and improve the quality of life for those impacted by it.

As the year progresses, the Encephalitis Society is gearing up for its exciting fundraising event, the Chiltern 50, set to take place on September 23, 2024. This remarkable event promises to be a day filled with camaraderie and purpose, offering participants the opportunity to embark on a scenic 50-mile walk through the beautiful Chiltern Hills. It’s a chance for individuals to come together, raise crucial funds, and support the Encephalitis Society’s mission to combat this challenging condition.

End of season 50 km looped challenge in some of the Chilterns finest countryside, with historic trails, rolling hills, nature reserves, and fantastic views. At our basecamp in Henley, there’s a Saturday night celebration BBQ, bar & entertainment, with extensive on-site camping & parking options. A route with real variety and some wonderful scenery – and easily accessible from London.

They can support families affected by encephalitis; join the walk.

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