Chopper Rescues Run In The Family 2009: Georgina Bible

Chopper rescues run in the family

Georgina Bible 24th August 2009 Wayne ‘Dude’ Ensbey, of Evans Head, in front of a Westpac helicopter that saved him from further injury
when he was involved in a truck accident that left him with a broken neck. WAYNE ‘DUDE’ ENSBEY reckons he wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for the Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter. That’s why he was volunteering at the service’s open day on Saturday as part of Helicopter Awareness Week. He was busy serving at the sausage sizzle, as thanks for the help he got from the service a few years ago. His life hung in the balance back in 2006 after his cattle crate truck rolled on its side and skidded 10 metres as he slowed down to navigate a corner near the stockyards at Casino. “I was trapped in the truck and the rescue guys cut me out, but I had fractured my T1 and C4 in my neck,” he said.
“Because of my neck injuries the ambulance blokes didn’t want to transport me by road to Lismore Base Hospital, so the chopper was called in.

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