Clean Up Christchurch Avon Riverbank

Clean Up Christchurch Avon Riverbank Avon Riverbank of Central City Meet on Bridge of Remembrance Christchurch

Give a hand to pick up the rubbish along the Avon Riverbank together with Kiwis and the international volunteers.
Everyone is part of eco-friendly
Christchurch. Think globally, act locally.
Aim to promote a cleaner, more beautiful environment in Christchurch, and to raise the public awareness of what individual can do to improve the community and reduce litter.
The annual volunteer event is organsied since 2003 by 2Ways Company Limited who specialises in tailoring study and tour packages in Christchurch, New Zealand for Catalan, Spanish and Chinese clients. It’s a part of the global environmental campaign Clean Up The World.
Come along, have some fun and be in to win the spot prizes!
Gloves, plastic bags, sunblock and gifts are provided. Just bring your smile and energy with you to join us! Phone: (03) 980 5598 Mobile: (021) 230 5888 Email:

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