Clinton More Students Eager To Help Society 2009: Bill Clinton

Clinton More students eager to help society

Bill Clinton HIGHER EDUCATION Former President Bill Clinton, on the eve of his three-day conference at the University of Texas on service to society,
said he senses a growing passion among college students across the country to perform works of charity. “They understand that, particularly now in this difficult economic time, there’s a real need for all kinds of service projects,” Clinton said Thursday in a telephone interview. “I think more of them are doing more comprehensive service than ever before.” More than 1,000 students from 50 states and 60 countries, along with about 80 university presidents, are converging on Austin for the conference, which begins today. Known as the Clinton Global Initiative University, the event is intended to inspire students and university administrators to undertake projects to repair the world in ways large and small. The former president said one student at UT has already pledged to teach origami, the Japanese art of folding paper into flowers, animals and other objects, to elderly people and children in therapy because of the beneficial effects the activity has on the brain and spirit. Another UT student, he said, has committed to collecting kitchen grease to fuel lawn mowers and small cars.
Service to society has been a running theme of Clinton’s post-presidency. His university initiative &mdash the first event was held last year at Tulane University in New Orleans &mdash is an outgrowth of his annual gathering in New York, where leaders in government, business and civic life brainstorm about the world’s problems.

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